January 9, 2014


Party time


Happy New Year!

There is no better way to usher in the new year than here in the sand with 170 excited children who call Zimpeto home.

It was busy, it was hot, it was noisy. We painted faces, we made hats and masks, we iced biscuits, we dressed up and we tried to make noise blowers with straws but... oh well, we’ll practise the noiseSElfie blowers for next year.

We did the Macarena and the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey. We even played the Mummy Relay Game where four unsuspecting tios and tias (our child carers) got wrapped up in toilet paper by their dorm kids. Who won? Who cares!

We laughed till we had no more laugh left in us. We danced till our feet hurt. We worked up an appetite for the sausage sizzle that kept most of us going until the midnight fireworks. A few didn’t make it, dropping off to sleep on the benches iToilet paper gamen the prayer hut then carried gently off to bed.

Right on midnight, the soccer field was set alight with the magical shapes and colours of fireworks and it felt like the whole city was celebrating with us: the Centre was surrounded on all sides by crackers and car horns and cheering as Maputo welcomed  2014

Feliz ano novo

to all from Zimpeto!

Noise makers helpers