February 1, 2008


I've arrived in Mozambique and have had two weeks to settle in. Como esta? Nao comprehende? I've dived straight in and started Portuguese lessons in town each day.

I'm living in a two bedroom flat in a building just off the main play area (see photo on right). It's noisy much of the time and in amidst all the action. My Brazilian flatmate threw a barbeque on Saturday night and I was able to make some new friends.

On the same day that I arrived, the Centre took in a 2 week old baby, deserte
d at the hospital after birth. She's been named Eliana and is doing well. She's my new "special friend" in the Baby House and always in need of some extra attention.

We have regular blackouts here - about 5 in the past week - and a generator that usually kicks in after a few minutes. Last night we were sitting around the kitchen table when the lights went out and the conversation didn't miss a beat. We just kept talking until the lights came on again.

As I sit here in my room, I hear the noise of this busy place all around me and know there's nowhere else I'd rather be. God has made the way ahead of me and I'm so excited to be here. Settling in and adjusting to the huge changes will take some time and that's OK. This is a year of transition for so many of us - transition isn't easy but life on the other side is beyond your wildest dreams. Imagine how big God is - and dream accordingly. Then see what He does!

Oh... and to the Aussies - Happy Australia Day for the 26th. I had vegemite toast in honour of the day. Monday is "Heroes Day" in Mozambique so a public holiday. The Centre of course keeps functioning as normal. When I find out who the heroes are, I'll let you know.